Capturing the Message

Welcome to my Web Site. My goal is to show you that professional photography is an essential element of your marketing communications strategy.

Every assignment I accept requires a personalized and creative approach. I’ve photographed from the ground and water as well as underground and under water. I’ve shot photos in helicopters and planes and also completed complex, large technical lighting projects in my studio. Whatever the degree of difficulty, I have the experience and knowledge to professionally photograph the subject.

Crafting the Image

My photography can add value to your marketing campaign. Before any photos are taken, I gain an understanding of your goals and intended message so every photo meets your needs. Whether I’m shooting a structure, a product or a model, I reach beyond the subject. As a result, your message is reinforced time and again.

As you examine my work, remember that every photo I take for your project promotes your unique message. And that unique message can improve awareness in the marketplace and grow your business.

Thanks for visiting. 

Mark Borella